Wholesale Salt Soap


Advantages of hand made soaps over commercial soaps Until the beginning of the last century,mostly the soaps were made at home using the animal fats and fats from cooking as they were easily available.Due to the world war1 the fats were utilized in the production of armaments and therefore there was a shortage in availability of fats.And then the petroleum distillates were used to make the first soap using the synthetic ingredients commonly known as detergents.

Nowadays the soaps that are available in the market are usually the detergent soaps that contains the foaming agents known as sodium lauryl sulfates, chemicals or synthetic perfumes. The chemicals like glycols, parabens and propylene used in the manufacturing of the commercial soaps can lead to cancer also.These soaps also contain glycerin which is good for the skin but during the manufacturing process it is removes and purified to sell it individually at a profit because it is a valuable byproduct.Alcohol is added to the commercial soap that make the skin tight after using that particular soap.

Handmade soaps are rich in the combination of the vegetable and animal fats. The natural glycerin is retained in the handmade soaps which is also known as best skin softeners.The hand made soaps leaves the glycerin inside the skin and allows it to be a naturally occurring emollient.

One can easily check the quality of the soap if the commercial soap is kept on the shelf of the shower for a couple of days it will start having the cracks in it whereas the hand made soap will never get cracks in it because it contains the essential oils and no harmful chemicals.The hand made soaps are made in small batches as compared to the commercial soaps that are created in the industries in large batches.A the hand made batches are smaller in number so they can be easily altered and changed and has more variety.The price of the hand made soap is a little bit more s compared to the price of the commercial soap but it is completely safe and secure as it contains the nutrious and beneficial ingredients.